Open for Resolutions: The 12,000 Rain Garden Campaign

The 12,000 Rain Garden Campaign has a stated goal to reach 12,000 Rain Gardens in the Seattle/Puget Sound Region by 2016.

The campaign has listed nearly a quarter of its goal, closing in on 4,000 rain gardens.

In 2018, we are telling everyone we don’t care that goal hasn’t yet been reached. This campaign continues reaching out to the community, and Washington Lawns is helping make that effort. 

The campaign involves Washington State University and Stewardship Partners, a nonprofit organization that helps private landowners restore and preserve the natural landscapes of Washington State. For us as a company, their campaign continues to be an inspiration.

The purpose of a raingarden is to mimic nature when returning water into the ground. Storm water runoff can exceed the ability of our sewer systems to process water. When this happens, that excess, and polluted water, ends up in the Puget Sound.

12,000 Raingardens in the northwest could responsibly manage 160 million gallons of this storm water runoff.

What it means to you

Master Gardeners and Engineers are teaming up. The community and commitment to educate private landowners of the need goes even farther than the campaign itself. Organizations like The Snohomish Conservation District are also enthusiastic of the goal and are worth checking out.

Here is link to an article on their site showing the powerful water management of a rain garden at Cascade High School in Everett.

There are incentives and education programs designed for the home owner to understand the challenges in water management. If water is a challenge on your property, looking into these opportunities can be very worthwhile.

As a company, Washington Lawns knows a rain garden can be a powerful solution providing responsible management of water. We believe water is the most important element on a property. Not enough, plants die, too much unmanaged water and there can be a big impact on property damages and value.

Washington Lawns is here to help, and we are open for resolutions. We are committed to this community and here to provide experience. Outdoor projects can have a lot of considerations and involve a great deal of process, including engineering and permitting needs, design details, and logistics.

We work with private land owners all the time. If you have rain garden questions, or other water management and drainage questions, feel free to ask in the comments below.

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  • Nice story and message. You could add rainwater harvesting to your menu of services. Works well with RG. Here are some samples from our projects.

    David Hymel

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